Can't Connect or Need Help?

To connect to the Internet, locate the ethernet plug in your apartment. If there are several, locate the one with a label on the wallplate- if there is no label, then connect to any plug available.

While we do not provide routers to all apartments, it is okay to use both wired and wireless routers in your apartment. Please be sure to acquire an ethernet cable if the router does not include one, and make sure to plug the cord into the “WAN” or Internet port of your router, then into the walljack.

It may take a few moments for the router to recognize our network. If the router or your computer is unable to reach the Internet, please follow these steps:

1) Power off your computer and/or the router and restart.

2) Re-check all wiring connections- confirm that they are securely plugged-in and visually inspect the plugs and ports to verify all eight pins are visible.

3) Make sure your computer and/or router are not set to a static IP address (within router configuration, and within “properties” for your computer’s network device in Windows.)- the address should be set to IPv4, non-static, and using DHCP-mode.

4) If the above steps have not succeeded in gaining Internet connectivity, please call the office at (607) 273-1654 from 8:30am to 5:00pm and we will be happy to assist you.


Ravenwood Apartments: We provide wireless Internet access through a network of routers in certain units. Try connecting to the wireless router with the strongest signal. If you notice a router is unable to connect you, please give us a call.

Gateway Commons: Each apartment is supplied with its own wireless router located in the heat pump enclosure. If the router is malfunctioning, or you are unable to connect, please give us a call.

For general inquiries, please email:

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